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There are many ways to get into the industry but none quite like CCI. Each of our Apprentices start in a shop and are embraced into the industry from the roots up. Our Apprentices train with the best in the industry with a mapped out plan, tracking and measurement that they each have gained the skills needed to be successful. CCI ‘s systems and processes introduce the skills needed from simple to complex. This process allows the Apprentice to build their knowledge and provide impact to the shop while they learn. Each of our apprentices are guided on the path from eager and willing to skilled and employed in 12-18 months.
We understand the changing workforce and have done our research. We keep on the pulse of the industry, new technologies and people.

Each track is unique — find the right path for you.

3 tracks available:


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Body Technician

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Repair Planner

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CCI guides each Apprentice through the skills they need to be successful by combining online learning methods with on-the-job training. The program contains all the skills outlined in the Natef Task list . Each course includes student directed online instruction; and on the job training led by a Trainer in the shop. Options are available for live weekly instruction in an online environment.

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Blended Training Method

  • Basic skills

    CCI approaches training from the inside out. The first 8 weeks of basic skills introduces apprentices to the industry in a 360 approach. Apprentices experience every angle of the repair process and whether a technician, painter, or repair planner, finish basic skills with tools in hand, working on cars.

  • Online

    The online training is a combination of industry recognized online courses and webinars from one of our highly qualified Instructional Designers. Online training is throughout the program and is designed to reinforce what each apprentice is learning in the Shop.

  • On the Job

    On the Job Training allows the Apprentice to learn while they get paid. Apprentices work in a shop under the direction of a qualified Trainer and current employee of the Shop they are placed at. CCI provides the Road Map for the in shop Trainer to set up each Apprentice to learn the skills they need to succeed as a Technician, Estimator or Painter. CCI guides with tools to track and measure the transfer of skills as well as provide resources on how to make each apprentice impactful in the business as soon as possible.

Our Students

Why Launch your Career with CCI?

CCI is student centered. Our dedicated teams sole purpose is the students success.
The Collision Career Institute takes a different angle we place each of our apprentices with a shop in our network at the beginning of the program instead of the end. Apprentices get paid, learn and grow in a live environment. After 18 months students graduate from CCI and are already working in a shop, with a career plan in hand. We take the guess work out of finding a job after graduation.

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Our Network

Each of the shops in our network are dedicated to be the best of the best and understand the only way to get there is by investing in people through training. They have invested in training new employees because they believe in you and want to empower you with the skills to be successful.

Next Step

The only pre-requisites are drive, work ethic and a desire to start a career in the Collision Industry.


  • The Need

    It is getting increasingly difficult to find qualified employees. The options are to steal from the competition, wait for someone to find you, or to train and grow your own employees. Sooner than later there will not be anyone to steal, there is no time to wait and it is hard to know where to start without a road map.

  • Online

    The right fit is not always the most experienced, the best interview or even a refferal from a valued employee. The right fit for the shop down the street may not be the right fit for you. Our first step is to understand what the right fit looks like for your shop. It all starts with selecting the right seed for the foundation in your Shop.

    CCI looks assess each student, the trainer and shop looking for the fit that will lead to successful results. We assess the Apprentice for aptitude, attitude and experience. We also assess the Trainer looking for their ability to transfer their knowledge to others and raise any red fkags at the beginning. We do not simply assess each piece seprately we are looking for how all of the pieces fit together. We help find the right foundation to lead to your next successful Estimator, Technichian or Painter.

  • Setup for Success

    A training plan is worth nothing if it is not tracked and measured. CCI takes the guess work out of tracking the Apprentices progress. There are many factors that lead to unsuccessful training. CCI works to prevent each of these and is ready with a plan when the inevitable challenge arises.

    In an ever changing environment asking Employees to train brand new people along with the presures to produce can often times result in losing potentially good talent. From time to time we are able to produce quality employees but more often than not when left to their own devices Trainers train the way they learned which may not be the best for the future walking through your doors.

    CCI provides the road map onareas to focus on training and in what sequence. We use management and skill tracking systems to ensure the trainer and the Apprentice are on track. Students are in a challenging program, learning a demanding skill, requiring a lot out of them both mentally and physically. Our Training Advocates and Instructional Designers work together to take care of the whole student and adjust where needed.
    CCI provides the road map and the checkpoints to get new employees trained and working in your shop. Let’s get started!

Let’s get started!

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The Collision Career Institute was created as a solution to an industry wide crisis. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional vocational programs and on the job training. CCI is committed to be the solution for bringing in qualified technicians to the industry and more importantly to your shop. We bring knowledge, passion and experience to the table to help plant the seeds for tomorrow’s future.

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  • Our Mission

    The Collision Career Institute develops quality, productive apprentices for high demand jobs in half the traditional timeframe. Apprentices earn I-CAR course credit during training and are eligible to earn ProLevel-1 certification on program completion.

    CCI provides state-of-the-art curricula with hands-on learning that train individuals in strategic jobs while working in repair centers daily.

  • Our Core Strategy

    C-Level Technician, C-Level Painter, C-Level Estimator, Repair Planner, Production Management, and Physical Damage Appraisers (Insurance Industry).

    This is a competency-based program focused on the skills required for collision industry professionals. A key component of our learning strategy includes apprentices progressing from individual tasks and skills to clusters of skills under the supervision of a trainer, eventually completing the same quality of repair without supervision. The migration from simplified, individual tasks to clusters of related tasks with and later without supervision, is a cornerstone of our process.


Starting something new can be scary. Starting something new without a plan can be dangerous. CCI provides the road map to connect Apprenticess with a great company and provide you with the necessary training to be successful. Graduates complete the program with a skill and a job in as little as 18 months.
Apply today and begin your journey in a rewarding career.

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