CCI has developed a proven process to train basic collision repair skills to entry-level technicians. These one-of-a-kind programs teach entry-level techs the most important skills they need to successfully work in a collision repair center.

Skills include dent repair, plastic repair, removing and installing body trim, replacing parts, corrosion protection, sanding and paint preparation, mixing and applying primers, color-sanding and buffing, detailing vehicles, and much more.

Body Tech Skills

The focus of this program is to prepare learners with key skills needed to repair vehicles involved in collisions. Skills included: de-trimming and minor dent repair, plastic repair, parts replacement, corrosion…

Painter Skills

This program focuses on 9 key skills needed to become a great automotive painter. Includes sanding and paint prep, paint defects: their causes and cures, mixing and applying paint, and automotive detailing…

Damage Appraisal

This program helps learners develop damage analysis skills, computer estimating skills, and expand their capabilities as estimators and damage appraisers.  Series of courses include: Handling Parts, Damage Analysis and…
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